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Sleeping Beauty Cave,touristic part or adventure part.

Beneath Albanian Alps surface lies a wonderful and magic subterranean world abundant with unusual sculptures,decorations and animals.
A part of this world is Sleeping Beauty Cave a net of tunnels,galleries and corridors,sculptures from a natural force of water over centuries,located at White Drini natyral park.
With the help of the guide you can enjoy about 250meters of visitor’s path,through 4 galleries with discreet light.
And not far from the cave,above the surface,you can find White Drini spring and admire the biggest waterfall(32 m high and about 35cubic meters per second)not only in Kosovo but in the region as well.
The adventure part can last about 1h 30m and we provide with equipment.

Orthodox Monastery (Patriarchate)

At the entrance of Rugova is the Patriarchate of Peja. The monastery is located at the edges of an old Roman and Byzantine Siperant.The monastery complex, consisting of four churches,of which three churches connected as one whole,was built in the first third of the 13th century, 1321–24, and 1330–37..It has been protected by UNESCO since 2003, and for more than 300 years it was protected by a Rugova family bearing the title “voivode”.

Bazaar of Peja and Cheese market

The old bazaar in Peja is known as the oldest bazaar in the country,many shops that sell different clothes and shoes,jewelry made of gold and silver etc.Also the cheese market is best known when every Saturday the villagers come from different places and sell original products of milk!

The Bajrakli Mosque

The Bajrakli Mosque is the main mosque situated in the center of the Bazaar of Peja. It was built in 1471 by Sultan Fatih Mehmet Hani and is an Ottoman-style single-domed mosque with the oldest and highest dome in the city.
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Museum of Peja

Tahir Bey Inn where the Ethnological Museum is located now introduces an old town house which belong to the second part of the 18th century. This house is also quite interesting in terms of preserving the archaic elements, where the interior is almost untouched, and as a result, the house is an object of cultural significance, both in architectural terms, and in ethnological terms. Additionally, in the museum, there are over 120 exhibits exposed that illustrate the culture and traditions of this country.

The Decani Monastery

Dating back to the 14th century,this is the best-preserved monastery that represents an exceptional synthesis of Byzantine and Western medieval styles.
The Decani Monastery located near Decan, Kosovo.
The Decani monastery is located by the Decan’s Lumbardh river gorge at the foot of the Accursed Mountains, It is located about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) from the town of Decan.The monastery is part of the World Heritage site named “Medieval Monuments in Kosovo”.