Onlyshort 10min. drive towards city of Peja, is newly opened trail for the more adventuresome visitor, looking to create a true lifetime memory along the rim of this spectacular and dramatic canyon. First part named Mule Trail (5.2km) starts on the left from the entrance of the canyon, only to continue with just released second part named Panoramic Trail (4.5km). Both these trails offer scenic and stunning views before it takes you deep into the canyon. These trails are primarily used for hiking, moderately rated and are accessible most of the year. For to get a most of this hikes it is advisable to engage a guide.


640m long, and you can reach the speed of up to 60km/h. The Zipp Wire has been used as a transportation method in some mountainous countries for many years, served the purposes of bridges across rivers.


"Deer Waterfall", a very attractive tourist trail that explains the development of an event that happened somewhere around the 20s of the XX century. From our resort Chalet Kujta just 30m walking you will start the trail which send you to the small waterfall 'Deer Waterfall' a very beautiful waterfall 40min walk along a path arranged with wooden bridges, a visit that should be made!


Which is more stimulating and memorable, the origins date back to the 19-th century, but they are strongly associated with the first world war , when several were built in the Dolomite region of Italy to aid the movement of the troops.There are two trails moderately difficult B-graded. The guides will stop along the trail to provide information about the geologic formations, wildlife of the canyon, human history, etc.+320m, -320m, 2-3h


After a long and arduous journey or from the tedious work of the whole week, a weekend in our mountains, it is ideal to do yoga then meditation, for small and large groups, we offer specialized yoga and meditation trainers, for a relaxed and healthy mind and body!


From us you can do various activities, in addition to the short and long paths that start from our resort also through us passes the bicycle trail. For those who love cycling, we can arrange a bike ride!