Taste our food

What we served:

1.Fli: It consists of many layers similar to crepe, coated with cream and served with sour cream and butter, prepared with wood, it is a food that should definitely be enjoyed! 2.Yogurt: Our family makes a special yogurt we get milk directly from the small farmers for preparation, we make the preparations in the evening so that in the morning it is ready! 3.Homemade cheese: Cheese also has a special method of preparation, takes a longer time to prepare, and can be made with special flavors such as: soft cheese, strong cheese, or with salt and without salt! 4.Maze (milk cream): Maza (milk cream) is a sweet product that is collected after the milk is boiled, and after making a larger amount with this product, many foods are prepared, such as Fli, Pite, Peppers or served for breakfast! 5.Cornbread: Cornbread is also a very special product, its preparation as the main ingredient has corn flour, then cow’s milk, pieces of homemade cheese, maze, and baked in the oven for 20min, a taste that does not never forgotten! 6.Pogaqe bread: is a hot bread that is cooked extra for our guests when ordering food, a special way of preparation is a hundreds of years old tradition that is consumed in our valley! 7.Home made Flower Tea: it is a tea that is cultivated only in 2 places in Rugova Mountains and at an altitude of 2000m, it is a chamomile-flavored tea with different flowers, this tea has cured many diseases as our ancestors show , with the consumption of this tea, the body receives positive energy, the respiratory channels open, the heartbeat normalizes, it removes all seasonal flu, it helps to calm the mind to sleep peacefully, it also normalizes the tension! We serve this tea in our restaurant! Also who is a fan of cooking, each cottage has a mini kitchen and barbecue for food preparation! Our restaurant, which offers a special hospitality and local cuisine, offers customers services on the terraces of the villas, which enables tourists to feel at home.